How would you live, if you could live anywhere?

Whether you want to visit many different countries, expatriate to your dream country, or have a base from which you explore the globe; whether you want to travel perpetually like digital nomads, have a year or two off, or just want to take more frequent, longer, or better vacations: Live Anywhere can provide you with the resources and information learned from years spent in nonstop travel, to help you achieve your dream lifestyle of travel.

Whatever your ideal travel lifestyle is, Live Anywhere is here to help you with both how to afford it, and the logistics of making travel easier, safer, and more hassle-free.

Our Mission – It’s about you.

Travel is an amazing experience, rife with adventure, fun, and personal growth, but also full of dangers and risks. Some of these can be beneficial to go through – you learn a lot from your mistakes – but some of them also come with a lot of unnecessary pain, frustration, and wasted time, energy, and money.

Live Anywhere teaches you how to shortcut your way to becoming a savvy, experienced traveler, able to live anywhere you want, with a high quality of life, by learning from the mistakes and lessons whose prices have already been paid.

There’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel when it comes to learning how to travel as much as you want. The road has already been worn, paved, and there’s a highway being built right beside it.

The reality is, we’re taking part of building that highway: and so are you.

At Live Anywhere, you’ll discover what you need to help make all aspects of your travel dreams come true.

You’ll discover how to be able to afford a lifestyle of being able to travel anywhere you want, any time you want, and have the quality of life you want, without having to scrimp by, pinch pennies, or deny yourself experiences because you can’t afford them.

There’s more to travel than simply affording it, though. Having enough money to stay in whatever accommodation you want, rent whatever vehicles you want, and change places whenever you want, solves a lot of problems – but not all of them.

You’ll also discover tips, tricks, and secrets to making your travel easier, safer, and more hassle-free, to side-step the unnecessary hurdles of that you shouldn’t have to deal with (but that you will if you don’t know how to avoid them), so you can spend less time dealing with trivialities, technicalities, and logistics, and spend more time enjoying traveling, and more time living your life fully.

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